GRS Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the GRS please contact

 • What is the GRS?
The GRS stands for ‘global rating scale’ and is a self-reporting census completed by endoscopy services. The GRS outlines the measures needed to become JAG accredited.

• When can I complete the GRS?
All services are required to complete the GRS in April. The census will open on the first day of the month and close on the last.

Services that are working towards accreditation (and those who are accredited but do not reach the accreditation level in the April census) are also required to complete a census in October.

• What is the deadline for the GRS?
The deadline for completing the GRS is the last day of the month in April and October.

• Can I do the GRS in any month other than April and October?
A service can opt to complete the GRS every month, but only the censuses submitted in April and October will count towards JAG accreditation. If you do want to complete the GRS monthly then please contact the JAG office.

• Who should complete the GRS?
It is best for the GRS to be completed with the clinical lead, training lead, nurse lead and management lead. The GRS needs to be signed off by the leads of the endoscopy service. It is important for all members of the service to be involved in the GRS in order to focus on patient centred quality care.

• Can my unit complete the GRS?
If your service is within the UK and is signed up with the JAG then they are able to complete the GRS. Endoscopy units from acute, non acute and private hospitals are all able to complete the GRS. The GRS is also available to services in Ireland.

• How much does the GRS cost?
Access to the GRS is included in the JAG annual fee which a service pays when they sign up with JAG. This annual fee goes towards:

• Access to the GRS tool and GRS reports
• Award of accreditation on an annual basis subject to satisfactory April GRS returns and a Satisfactory Annual Report Card
• A formal Accreditation visit every five years (and one revisit if necessary)
• JAG website support services (JAG Accreditation System, helpdesk support, and download centre)
• Access to the Knowledge Management System
• Access to the JAG Endoscopy Training System (JETS)
• Productivity and Planning Assessment tools (PPAT)

The fees for JAG accreditation do depend on sector and size of service but will be around £2000 + VAT per year.

• How do I get access to the GRS if I don’t already have an account?
Please email with your contact details and access requirements. Please note we require the email to come from a work email address and we may need confirmation from an existing user in the unit.

• What level do I need to reach to apply for and/or maintain JAG accreditation?

A GRS is classified as ‘successful’ if a unit has met a level ‘B’ across all domains.

• Is it possible to have read only access to the GRS?
Read only access is available if members of your unit wish to see the censuses but not contribute. Please contact for more details.

• What is a level A item?
Items which are level ‘A’ on the GRS are seen as aspirational and best practice measures. We encourage units to try and meet these measures but these are not mandatory for JAG accreditation.

• Is there any training available for the GRS?
The JAG run GRS training days throughout the year. For more information on this and for upcoming dates please contact or refer to the Training Day Registration section of the download centre on the JAG website where dates are published

Completing the GRS:

• How long does the GRS take to complete?
The GRS takes approximately one hour to discuss each domain with your team and agree the responses to the measures. It will then take a member of staff approximately 30 minutes to input the answers onto the online system.

• Can I get an extension for my GRS census?
As the GRS is open at the same time each year and this is widely publicised, the JAG do not offer extensions past the end of the month. If there are extenuating circumstances which you think we should consider then please email

• Will my results be anonymised?
The intention is that only you and the JAG will be able to identify your scores. Organisations should be aware that The JAG use the GRS information to support endoscopy services and to raise the profile of endoscopy at the national level - sharing our information with the Department of Health, Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and Care Quality Commission in England, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland, the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare in Wales and our other stakeholders.

Please note that unit participation and self-assessment scores submitted in the GRS census are used by the Care Quality Commission as part of their risk profiling and displayed on the NHS Choices website for patients.

• Can I edit my GRS once it has been submitted?
If you have submitted your GRS before the end of the month but believe you have made a genuine error in your submission then you can email the JAG office at and we can unlock your census. Census results cannot be changed after the reporting period has closed.

• Why is it important for the clinical, nurse and management leads for the service to be involved within the GRS?
The GRS covers many different aspects of the endoscopy service. It is important for all members of the endoscopy team to be involved within the GRS to ensure that quality and measures are taken across the whole service.

After the GRS:

• When can I see my scores in regards to the GRS?
Endoscopy services may view their GRS results as soon as they have submitted their return. However, to compare your data against regional and national averages, this will only be possible after the national results have been released via the GRS after the last day of the month.

• How do I receive guidance in regards to the GRS?
There are several user guides in regards to how to complete the GRS. These can be found on the ‘GRS Dashboard’. If you would like guidance in regards to the individual measures and domains, then templates and best practice evidence can be found on the Knowledge Management System on the KMS tab under GRS.

• Do you have any templates or examples of best practice?
Yes – when you have access to the website, you can view these on the KMS tab of the GRS menu. You can search for each measure or by key word and find examples of templates and best practice evidence.

• How do I book a JAG visit after completing the GRS census?
To book a JAG visit you must meet the following criteria:
o Be operational for at least a year
o Have paid their annual fee and filled in their terms and conditions
o Have completed 2 consecutive GRS censuses
o The most recent census must be eligible – all level B or above

Once these criteria have been met the JAG visit request form will become available on your GRS dashboard. You will need to fill out this form and submit it to the JAG office electronically.

• What is the KMS?
The Knowledge Management System (KMS) is a download centre which provides examples of evidence for most measures of the GRS. It includes templates and examples of best practice from some accredited hospitals.

• What is the Productivity Tool?
The productivity tool is used to give a high level view of how productive an endoscopy unit is being. Once this has been identified, the tool will assist units in finding areas which they can then focus on to increase their productivity. This tool can then be used in conjunction with the PPAT to plan and focus on solutions to waiting list issues.

• Is there any training available before I have a visit?
Once a service is ready for a JAG accreditation visit we offer ‘Preparing for your JAG Accreditation visit’ training days. Please contact for further information and upcoming dates, or refer to the Training Day Registration section of the download centre on the JAG website where dates are published.

• What is the action plan?
 If your GRS returns are not currently eligible (not scoring Level B in all standards) then you can create an action plan from the website which supports you to focus on and update each measure.

• I am from a country outside of the UK, can I complete the GRS?
The GRS is currently available in the UK and Ireland. Please contact for further information.